June 13, 2024
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE(AI): The Modern Technology talk

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE(AI): The Modern Technology talk

Through survival, humanity has come up with astonishing and outstanding ways to move from just normalcy to brazen heights of evolution. Especially, with technology evolving more than a hundredfold in the past century alone.

For now, there’s BIG talk of Artificial Intelligence(AI) across the North Pacific to East Asia. The Big Economies are ramping up to make a total breakthrough in the scary ROBOTIC world.

When human conscience is synthesized and integrated into a feature whose act of order is compromised then the former idea will catastrophically backfire on the creators. One which the Crusaders of its realization and that antagonizing would, eventually, fall prey to.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

I) Purely reactive

These machines have no memory or data to work with and specialize in a single field of work.

For example, in a chess game, the machine watches the moves and makes the best decision to win. 

II) Limited Memory 

These machines collect previous data and keep adding it to their memory. They have enough memory or experience to make good decisions, but memory is limited.

For example, this machine can recommend a restaurant based on the location data it has gathered. 

III) Theory of Mind 

This type of AI can comprehend thoughts and emotions, as well as interact socially. However, a machine of this type has yet to be built. 

IV) Self-Aware

Self-aware machines represent the next generation of these new technologies. They will possess intelligence, sentience, and consciousness.

After all the science-fiction motion pictures that have filled different movie curtains, the actualization of its dreaded consequence seems right about to hit the real world. All the fantasy is actualized! Some oldies once said, ‘If wishes were horses …’, however, some wishful minds of a few tech experts and moneyed individuals want to ride the horses at last.

Driving into a nightmare of abyss, an already darkened path whose premonitions lead to destruction. Humans won’t end the world, synthetized robots will!

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE(AI): The Modern Technology talk

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