June 24, 2024
Dozen Ammunitions, grenades Found In The Fake KDF Soldier's Nairobi Home

Dozen Ammunitions, grenades Found In The Fake KDF Soldier’s Nairobi Home

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has caught a man accused of impersonating a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) captain to avoid an ‘alcoblow’ test on Museum Hill in Nairobi.

The suspect’s arrest resulted in the discovery of a significant cache of military equipment and weapons, leading to the arrest of two more suspects.

On Wednesday, May 15, police detained a suspect who was halted at a normal police roadblock but refused to follow officers’ orders.

According to the DCI, the suspect obstructed traffic police by refusing to roll down his car windows for the breathalyzer test, exiting his black Toyota Prado TX, and portraying himself as a KDF captain while pointing to a KDF sticker on his windscreen.

Unable to present proof of appointment or justify his exemption from the test, the suspect contacted a serving military captain, who withdrew himself as the situation deteriorated.

The Department of Defense (DoD) determined that the guy was not a military personnel, prompting his immediate arrest and subsequent arraignment on traffic charges at the Milimani Law Courts.

Following his release from court, anti-robbery police seized the defendant and his putative driver and held them at the Nairobi Area Traffic Headquarters while attempting to recover the detained vehicle.

During interrogation, the matter was handed to the Director of Operations, who directed the Operation Support Unit to look into the duo further.

A search of the suspect’s vehicle turned up 15 counterfeit US dollar bills in 100-dollar denominations, a police pocket phone, a vehicle siren, expired Ugandan car insurance, seven SIM card holders, and two corporate stamps.

Omwanda was arrested, and their activities were investigated further.

A later search of the key suspect’s home on Hilltop Road in Ngong turned up military camouflage jungle fatigues and different corporate paperwork.

Social media posts included photographs of the man displaying weaponry, which have yet to be retrieved.

Further questioning revealed that a third suspect accused a third person.

A raid on the individual’s apartment at Jimly Apartment in Jamhuri Estate revealed three hand grenades, a Sauer P229 pistol, twelve rounds of ammo, and a firearm certificate that was being examined for validity.

The suspect claimed that the explosives were given to him by a Kenya Prisons official for safekeeping, necessitating an investigation to confirm the officer’s name and involvement.

The discovery of these things raises concerns about the trio’s potential threat, as they are suspected of being part of a larger criminal ring.

Based on an informer’s tip, authorities are looking for a long-barrelled gun that was allegedly seen with the first suspect. 

Dozen Ammunitions, grenades Found In The Fake KDF Soldier’s Nairobi Home

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