June 24, 2024
Naboka Sacco's Bus Plunges Into The Mbagathi River Killing Nine

Naboka Sacco’s Bus Plunges Into The Mbagathi River Killing Nine

At least nine passengers were killed after a bus carrying them crashed into the Mbagathi River in Nairobi’s Gataka district of Karen.

Naboka Sacco’s bus was on its way to Nairobi from Gataka when the driver, who was killed, lost control and swerved off the road.

Six individuals died on the spot, while two others died while being treated. 

Nineteen people were injured, with 14 being transported to Karen Hospital and three of them in severe condition.

Three more are being treated at Ngong Hospital, while two more are being treated at St Mary’s Hospital

Police and rescue crews are now on the scene, collecting victims from the river.

The Mbagathi River separates Nairobi County and Kajiado County. The terrain slopes on both sides of where the bus plunged into the river.

Witnesses indicate that the driver slowed down at the bumps, but when he attempted to continue the voyage, the vehicle lost control and plunged into the river.

A witness from among the passengers detailed the moments before the bus crashed into the river.

“We were in the bus, which was carrying excess passengers. It was full up to the door. I was among the last passengers to enter the bus and I stood next to the conductor,” she stated.

She narrated the incident, saying, “When the driver reached near the river, he slowed down for the bumps, but as he attempted to continue driving, the bus lost control and started moving towards the river.”

According to her, the conductor’s rapid thinking saved her life.

“The conductor threw me out and he also jumped before the bus rolled into the river,” she continued.

The conductor is thought to be among the survivors, having called for assistance immediately following the tragedy.

According to the Kenya Red Cross, thirteen persons were sent to the hospital after an accident near Hardy Police Station in Karen. 

Police and rescue crews are currently on the scene, working tirelessly to pull casualties from the river.

The operation is still ongoing, with efforts aimed at ensuring that no one is trapped in the wreckage.

Naboka Sacco’s Bus Plunges Into The Mbagathi River Killing Nine

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