June 13, 2024
The Most Fatal Roads In Nairobi According To The National Safety Authority

The Most Fatal Roads In Nairobi According To The National Safety Authority

According to data from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), Nairobi roads have the greatest number of accident fatalities this year.

According to data collected by AfricasNow, Thika Road had the most fatalities, with 13 reported between January and April.

Thika Road was followed by Kangundo Road, Mombasa Road, and Outering Road, with 12 fatalities on each.

Waiyaki Way, on the other side, was placed sixth, with ten deaths.

NTSA data also showed that the Eastern Bypass, Juja Road, Ngong Road, and Northern Bypass were among the most dangerous roads this year, with seven fatalities.

In contrast, the routes with the fewest fatalities throughout the assessment period were Temple Road, Third Parklands Avenue, Uyoma Street, Valley Road, Waithaka Cresent Road, Wanyie Road, and Yusuf Haji Avenue. Each road had a single fatality.

Zimmerman Road, Rapta Road, and Haile Selassie all suffered one fatality each.

Accounts Of Fatalities On Road Users and Types of Vehicles

According to the data, pedestrians were the most affected by accidents during the first quarter. The National Transportation Safety Administration revealed that pedestrians were involved in 89 of the 176 deaths.

Motorcyclists were also responsible for the most fatalities, with 34 reported during that time period.

The remaining figures were as follows: passenger (20), driver (12), pillion passenger (12), and pedal cyclist (9).

In Nairobi, however, private automobiles were responsible for the majority of fatalities (40) and Public Service Vehicles (PSVs – 38).

Accidents involving commercial vehicles also resulted in a high number of fatalities (30), while fatalities from motorcycle accidents totaled 25.

Other vehicle statistics included three government vehicles and one bicycle.

Causes of Accidents

Vehicles losing control and drivers failing to stay in the right traffic lane were among the major causes of accidents in the country.

Other causes included inappropriate overtaking, misjudging vehicle distance or speed, and errors in judgment or negligence.

The Most Fatal Roads In Nairobi According To The National Safety Authority

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