June 13, 2024
"You should not threaten me" - Oscar Sudi Hits Back At Gachagua

You should not threaten me” – Oscar Sudi Hits Back At Gachagua

On Sunday, Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi responded to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s critical statement, which was believed to be directed at the lawmaker.

Sudi addressed a congregation at the AIC Kipkorgot Church in Ainabkoi Constituency, mentioning an event attended by Gachagua and other leaders in Kesses on Saturday.

The MP responded by insisting that every politician has the right to travel across the country to support their party leaders.

“We are all students of President William Ruto. Everyone has the authority to travel across the country,” he stated.

“Everyone contributed to the Kenya Kwanza Government. Let’s respect each other. We ask the President and his deputy to respect us. We can’t allow them to come and harass small leaders.”

Sudi also challenged the leaders to seize threatening their juniors, which he claimed was a ploy to divert attacks away from their targets.

“You should stop threats. You should not threaten me because I have done so many things… Let’s respect each other,” he added.

“If you have a case with someone, stop going after other people to get the message across. Go directly to the person you have issues with. Many people who spoke at an event in Kesses yesterday had different issues with other people. We are small people.”

On Saturday, Gachagua confronted DP Gachagua’s allies, accusing them of meddling in Mt Kenya Politics.

He claimed that lawmakers were misinforming the Head of State on critical political issues ahead of 2027.

“There are politicians from Rift Valley who have partnered with others in the Mt Kenya region and have decided to plan 2027 politics. Why do you want to succeed the president while he is still alive?” Gachagua stated.

“We are good people, so the problem is a few leaders from this region (Rift Valley) who are ill-advising the President on Mt Kenya politics.”

Sudi On His Wealth

Sudi went on to defend his wealth, saying that he worked hard for it and will spend it as he sees fit.

He claimed that he has a habit of donating money to churches, which he inherited from President Ruto, who has advanced to the State House and has more important tasks.

“I ask for forgiveness. If there is money I took from you (other unnamed politicians) to bring to the church, I ask for forgiveness,” he stated.

“I heard other people yesterday saying that Sudi has a lot of money and I am asking them, ‘Do you want me to become poor?’ I am donating in church because I am from a humble life.”

“If you go to Parliament to take tea, I travel for deals. When You see me going to Tanzania and elsewhere, do you think I go looking for stones?” he posed.

You should not threaten me” – Oscar Sudi Hits Back At Gachagua

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