June 24, 2024
President Ruto's Call To Governor Nassir Heeded After Muguka Ban Threats

President Ruto’s Call To Governor Nassir Heeded After Muguka Ban Threats

Following a call from President William Ruto, Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir agreed to lift his county’s ban on muguka sales and distribution.

The Governor revealed that he was willing to meet with the Head of State and Embu County leaders to streamline Muguka trade regulations.

Nassir, on the other hand, challenged the President and other leaders to respond to Muguka’s abuse with the same tenacity that was used to threaten him.

On Wednesday, the governor was convinced that a visit from authorities seeking to auction off his radio station, Radio Rahma, was a direct response to his decision to ban the addictive stimulant.

“We have uplifted the ban in respect to the court order but I would like to ask the government to also put the same energy that is used to fight us in fighting hard drugs in our region,” he stated.

Previously, Nassir stated that he was disappointed after receiving threats from other governors shortly after banning Muguka.

The governor also stated that his decision to ban Muguka was motivated by the fact that the majority of the youth in rehabilitation centers were recovering from Muguka abuse.

He noted that abuse had increased since Miraa was priced higher, leaving Muguka as the most readily available option.

Likoni Member of Parliament Mishi Mboko, who was present during the speech, urged President William Ruto to consider Muguka’s impact on schoolchildren before lifting the ban.

So far, three counties, including Mombasa, Kilifi, and Taita Taveta, have prohibited the use of the stimulant before the court temporarily lifted the ban on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Nassir halted a raid on his radio station, Radio Rahma, over alleged tax arrears.

A video circulating online showed the Governor standing up to the authorities, who he claimed raided the station without prior notice to the management.

“You came here, and everyone I have talked to is saying that they are not aware of the arrears, I think you have been sent to harass us,” the governor stated.

“If you have been sent here to harass us, we will take this matter even further, if this has been occasioned by the ban on Muguka, you will not intimidate us.”

President Ruto’s Call To Governor Nassir Heeded After Muguka Ban Threats

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