June 13, 2024
UDA Legislature Blasts CSs For Pressuring DP Gachagua To Resign

UDA Legislature Blasts CSs For Pressuring DP Gachagua To Resign

On Monday, June 3, South Rift region leaders, led by Emurua Dikkir MP Johanna Ng’eno, called out leaders who were urging Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua to resign from the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

The leaders stated that DP Rigathi should be treated with respect because he is a member of President William Ruto’s administration.

“I also have a problem with some of the cabinet secretaries but I do not disrespect them because they are part of Ruto’s government and I respect him (Ruto),” Ng’eno remarked.

Ng’eno stressed that criticizing the DP meant disrespecting President Ruto. He requested all individuals making insulting statements against the Second in Command to stop.

He stated that any leader who had a problem with DP Rigathi should meet with him to resolve the issues rather than publicizing every discomfort.

Other politicians who echoed Ng’eno’s statements said that President William Ruto won the election and seized power with the assistance of Gachagua.

The parliamentarians emphasized that the residents of Mount Kenya turned out in great numbers to support Ruto and Gachagua in the 2022 General Elections.

“If it were not for the residents of Mt Kenya, Ruto would not have gotten 51 percent of the required votes. They woke up early to vote,” the leader added.

Another leader delivered a warning to those threatening and pushing the Deputy President, saying, “Your days are numbered, and they are over.”

He informed Gachagua that he was supported by the region’s population. The leaders were certain that Gachagua would succeed Ruto.

This fresh incident occurred as tensions within the ruling party remained high. Last month, Nation reported that Gachagua was exploring a new political party.

However, the DP refuted the charges and requested an apology from the media organization, claiming that the story was prepared in bad faith.

“To associate His Excellency the Deputy President with another political party, especially one with questionable association can only have been done in bad faith, with the sole intention of undermining His Excellency’s role as the Deputy Party Leader of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party,” read a letter from the DP.

UDA Legislature Blasts CSs For Pressuring DP Gachagua To Resign

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