June 24, 2024
Senator Khalwale Schools Wetangula Over Western Region Leadership

Senator Khalwale Schools Wetangula Over Western Region Leadership

National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula and Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale have publicly disagreed on the influence of Western leaders on the Western region’s development.

Khlawale responded with a tweet on Friday, criticizing Wetangula.

He accused him of meeting Kakamega County Assembly members solely for personal political gain.

“Mr. Speaker, stop there. You merely met Kakamega MCAs to make diplomatic feel-good statements and take pictures to create your desired perception for a hollow kingpin,” read part of his tweet.

Khalwale praised his predecessors, including Masinde Muliro and William Wamalwa, for strengthening and uniting the Western regional bloc.

This, he says, resulted in political stability and commercial capital. He then lamented that he would only follow in his predecessor’s footsteps.

“I stand for what our forefathers saw, and hope to further this vision with an international airport at Kakamega, and its elevation to a city.”

The Kakamega senator accused the NA speaker of dining and winning with the opposition during campaigns in order for their party to clinch the top political seat.

A day before the clash, Wetangula praised the 60 MCAs who attended his consultative meeting to discuss regional issues and unite the community.

“I held a consultative meeting with over 60 MCAs from Kakamega County to discuss regional matters, including how to unify the community,” read part of his tweet.

The discussion focused on how to constitutionalize the Ward Fund, Pension, County Assembly Independence, and the Gazetted Kakamega Level Six Referral Hospital.

The battle for political supremacy in Western Kenya has recently intensified among the region’s political leaders.

The most recent occurred in March of this year, when the current Trans Nzoia governor, George Natembeya, competed for Bukusu’s political supremacy with the speaker, Moses Wetangula.  

To challenge Wetangula’s long reign in the region, Natembeya’s narrative centered on the region’s power dynamics.

He questioned the impact of Western leaders who had served for many years.

Senator Khalwale Schools Wetangula Over Western Region Leadership

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