June 13, 2024
Babu Owino, Ichung'wa Join Forces To Condemn Divisive Politics

Babu Owino, Ichung’wa Join Forces To Condemn Divisive Politics

Some members of the Young Parliamentarians Association have accused leaders of having ill motives for dividing the country along tribal lines.

Led by Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, the MPs vowed to change the narrative and the country’s politics by uniting the country as young leaders, claiming that divisive politics, as previously practiced by some politicians, was outdated.

The leaders stated that the Constitution grants all Kenyans equal rights to live, associate, and travel throughout the country. They also claimed that this grants leaders unrestricted travel throughout the country.

“At times we want to divide Kenyans. But, if one understands this country, you won’t think of dividing people. Yatta constituency for instance has 4,000 people speaking my language,” Nyoro said.

The leaders spoke during a fundraising event at Ikombe Catholic Church in Yatta, Machakos County on Sunday.

The legislators were Babu Owino (Embakasi East), Timothy Kipchumba (Marakwet West), Anthony Kibangedi (Kitutu Chache South), Fred Ikana (Shinyalu), Njoroge Kururia (Gatundu North), and Kitui woman representative Irene Kasalu.

The legislators stated that they had resorted to traveling across the country to support one another in development matters, with the goal of improving livelihoods while also uniting citizens in 47 counties.

“If you see us today, I’m a UDA MP and support President William Ruto and his deputy 100 percent. Babu Owino is ODM 100 percent with Kibagendi,” the Budget and Appropriation Committee chairman said.

“Kipchumba and Kururia were elected to parliament as independent candidates, while Wiper sponsored Basil to the same house and we are speaking the same language. This is the Kenya we want.”

The MPs stated that all Kenyan tribes live in the 47 counties and that politicians should not divide them for whatever reason.

“I urge all Kenyan leaders. We must promote a Kenya that is cohesive. Let people live and do business in all parts of the country,” Nyoro said.

Nyoro stated that if the country is divided, leaders benefit while citizens lose.

“Let’s build a country that isn’t based on divisive politics,” Nyoro said.

He stated that all leaders must acknowledge that Kenyans (the electorate) are their bosses.

Owino stated that Kenyans have no reason to be divided because they all face the same, similar challenges in every part of the country.

“Ndindi Nyoro is the only UDA MP who I respect. He isn’t tribal, you can’t succeed in this country if you are tribal,” Owino said.

“The same problems are faced by all tribes; hunger, poverty, lack of school fees, joblessness, among others. Nyoro is uniting leaders to get you out of poverty.”

The ODM legislator praised Nyoro for what he called a good job in the Kiharu constituency.

Owino expressed confidence that Nyoro, as Chairman of the Parliamentary Budget and Appropriation Committee, would support all development projects in the 290 constituencies.

He advised the elderly politicians not to despise their younger colleagues in the country.

“Don’t be despised because of your age. We will respect elderly leaders, they should also respect us,” Owino said.

“Ndindi Nyoro amewekwa moto huko Central. Nimewekwa moto Nyanza. Mkituletea amani, tutawaletea amani,” Owino said.

Basil stated that as young MPs, they were development-oriented.

“Kenya got independence in 1963 and the same issues our forefathers fought for are the ones we are struggling with now. Let’s put retrogressive politics aside and focus on development,” Basil said.

Kasalu, for her part, stated that their unity was centred on the people.

“We have united as MPs so that we support our people,” Kasalu said.

According to Kururia, Kenyans rely on one another.

“Youths are leaders of tomorrow. When Ruto was the Eldoret North MP in 1997 for the first time, we were in class six. Youths need to traverse the entire country. Tutembee Kenya, tukomeshe ukabila,” Kururia said.

“This is to show that as young leaders, we are getting out of tribalism and partism. All parts of the country are open for development,” Ikana said.

Ikana assured Nyoro that he did not need to be afraid of traveling anywhere in the country.

“The Constitution has given us the right to get to all parts of the country and support development. Shun divisive politics based on tribal and political party affiliations,” Ikana said.

Kipchumba said they don’t want tribalism in Kenya. But, need equality as a country.

“We want a fair country,” Kipchumba said.

Babu Owino, Ichung’wa Join Forces To Condemn Divisive Politics

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