July 19, 2024
Protester Tackled By Police Trying To Approach CS Ndung'u After Budget Reading

Protester Tackled By Police Trying To Approach CS Ndung’u After Budget Reading

A minor incident occurred outside the Treasury on Thursday when a man attempted to disrupt a photo session of the Budget team, which was led by Treasury CS Njunguna Ndung’u.

The man, dressed in black, can be seen holding something and walking up the stairs before being tackled by police officers.

Ndung’u stated that today’s budget will outline available resources to boost growth across the country.

“The budget outlines the available resources because everyone is focusing on that aspect. What measures are in place to raise resources? Ultimately, it’s about looking at revenue-raising measures alongside policies and programs,” Ndung’u stated.

He further noted, “For instance, the economic growth for 2023 was 5.6%, and as of April, inflation has decreased to 5%. These figures provide strong evidence that economic recovery has been underway since the latter part of 2023.”

Ndung’u made these remarks during a media briefing at his office, emphasizing Kenya’s positive economic indicators as the country prepares to release its budget.

He added that financing projects through taxes is becoming more difficult as everyone opposes taxes.

“The second problem is that you have limitations on debt. Today it can be income, but tomorrow it is going to be an expenditure,” he stated.

“The third problem is that if you cannot finance those expenditures through debt then you have to finance them through taxes and everyone resists high taxes. That is why we call it a tri-llema, it is three problems in one problem.”

He clarified that today’s budget will focus on the policies we need to implement to support the fragile economic recovery, such as creating jobs for young people and paying down debt, among other development strategies.

Protester Tackled By Police Trying To Approach CS Ndung’u After Budget Reading

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