June 24, 2024
Pastor Dorcas Calls on Parents To Prioritize Education While Issuing Mining Licenses In Migori

Pastor Dorcas Calls on Parents To Prioritize Education While Issuing Mining Licenses In Migori

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, the Deputy President’s spouse, has led the certification of mining cooperatives in Migori County.

Speaking at the Osiri Mining and Marketing Cooperative Society office grounds in Nyatike, Pastor Dorcas encouraged miners to join cooperatives to make it easier for them to work.

Pastor Dorcas also urged miners to help eradicate child labor in the sector.

“I plead with my boychild of the school-going ages to first seek education before getting into mining. We should also address the cases of child labor in the mining sector,” She said.

According to Pastor Dorcas, accreditation for miners is one way to ensure that they benefit from their daily activities.

“There is a need for accreditation for prior learning so that we can also handle cases of people who are Africans where people just get the experience but have no licenses that can identify them. Let us have a syllabus in our technical training so that we can equip those in the mining sector,” she said.

She urged young people to think of new ways to protect the environment.

“I also urge you to join cooperatives so that it can make it easier for your work. There will be an officer around who will help you with the necessary documents.”

During the event, she issued mineral processing licenses, mining permits, and safety equipment to miners.

Gloves, reflectors, and helmets are all part of the safety equipment. She also handed over a vehicle that will be used to provide mining services in Migori County.

The government is already establishing a gold refinery center in Kakamega to add value to the minerals.

PS: Mining and Blue Economy According to Elijah Mwangi, there has been progress in mining sector reform under the Kenya Kwanza government.

“Mining is a business. We want people to have licenses for business,” he said.

Pastor Dorcas Calls on Parents To Prioritize Education While Issuing Mining Licenses In Migori
The Osiri Mining And Marketing Cooperative, Migori.

He added that a team has been set up to camp for 5 days to ensure that those involved in mining trading have an opportunity to submit applications.

He also stated that the mining cadaster has been made available free of charge in order to facilitate licensing.

“I know there have been several officers here, but we have been instructed that mining has to work this time round. We want to ensure that the prices of any mineral are predictable for us to benefit the miners,” he added.

PS Mwangi stated that President William Ruto has already set strict timelines for the decriminalization of artisanal mining.

He stated that the ministry of ministry is also working to formalize marketing cooperatives, with 246 already formalized, 23 of which are from Migori County.

According to Kepha Ochuka, Chairman of the Migori County Miners’ Association, certification is critical documentation for artisanal and small-scale miners. He said the certification would extend beyond Migori County.

“This will not just benefit the miners in Migori County but will go beyond the county. In Migori County we have more than 30 registered cooperatives. We wish to remind the stakeholders that there is nothing in mining without miners,” he said.

Dan Odida, National Chairman of the Artisanal and Small-Scale Miners Association, has called for the Artisanal Mining Committee to be gazetted.

The Migori County government, through the CECM led by Caleb Opondi, has urged the government to provide environmental risk training to miners.

Others in attendance included Patrick Kanyoro from the National Chamber of Commerce, Betty Samburu (CECM Cooperatives Development, Migori County), and John Oringo (CECM Roads and Transport), among others.

Pastor Dorcas Calls on Parents To Prioritize Education While Issuing Mining Licenses In Migori

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