June 13, 2024
"Prepare to either join us or step aside." - Wamuchomba Hits Out At Waiguru

“Prepare to either join us or step aside.” – Wamuchomba Hits Out At Waiguru

On Tuesday, May 22, Githunguri MP Gathoni Wamuchomba responded to remarks made by Kirinyaga Governor and Council of Governors (CoG) Chairperson Anne Waiguru about the ‘One Man, One Shilling, One Vote’ agenda. 

Wamuchomba expressed her support for Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s agenda in a message on her official social media accounts. 

“Back at home, we are speaking the language of One Man One Shilling while you are away. Prepare to either join us or step aside,” she added.

She also questioned Waiguru about what she had done as CoG chairperson to assist Mt Kenya residents who are dealing with low returns on their coffee produce, alcoholism, and improving the overall business climate, particularly given that businesses in the region are closing due to a difficult operating environment. 

“Before you lecture us, please tell us as COG chair why are our coffee farmers not receiving cherry fund Ksh80 per kilogram as agreed during the coffee reforms,” she questioned.

Wamuchomba also questioned why persons from Mount Kenya were supposedly sacked from the government while she stayed silent.

She also inquired as to why various regional projects, such as the Kenol-Marua road, the Mau-Mau road, and the Ruiru Dam, remained completed.

“You are the Chair of the Council of Governors sitting pretty as we struggle with the rising economic stress, closing businesses, alcoholism, and neglect of the projects by Kenya Kwanza regime which you are now defending online,” she remarked.

The veteran radio host also commented on Waiguru attending President William Ruto on his official State visit to the United States.

Wamuchomba encouraged the Governor to use her position to get funding for projects in the greater Mt. Kenya region.

Wamuchomba’s words occurred when Waiguru challenged the Second in Command, stating that Gachagua’s failure to promote young leaders vying for his post was unacceptable.

She asked the DP and other leaders to guide and mentor emerging leaders.

“Everyone has a right to dream and pursue their dreams like those in current leadership dreamt and their dreams actualised through the support of millions of men and women,” she added.

“Prepare to either join us or step aside.” – Wamuchomba Hits Out At Waiguru

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