June 13, 2024
CS Kindiki, Duale Praises Ruto For Calling Against Tribal Politics Terming Them 'Barbaric'

CS Kindiki, Duale Praises Ruto For Calling Against Tribal Politics Terming Them ‘Barbaric’

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has stated that the politics of ethnic mobilization and incitement are hazardous to the country.

Kindiki stated that such politics had no place in modern-day Kenya or the future.

He emphasized that Kenyans must speak out against and humiliate those who spread ethnic hatred.

The mobilisation and incitement of ethnic communities against each other is a barbaric, cruel and dangerous political misadventure that poses grave danger to our Country’s future,” the CS said.

“Kenya’s ugly past experience with ethnically brewed violence should jolt all of us, whatever tongue we speak and whichever part of the Country we come from, to resist and to name and shame the propagators of ethnic hate and the “us” versus “them” narrative that nearly destroyed Kenya in December and January of 2007-2008.”

The Secretary of the Interior praised President William Ruto for reaffirming his opposition to ethnic and personality politics.

Kindiki stressed that Kenya’s unity and security came first, above all other allegiance.

“Grateful to President Ruto for reminding us in his address to the Nation today, to eschew ethnic politics as the sure way of shielding ourselves from taking the slippery path of hate that has destroyed many countries,” he said.

On Saturday, at the Madaraka Day celebrations at Masinde Muliro Stadium in Bungoma, President William Ruto promised Kenyans that ethnic politics were no longer an issue.

“Going into the future I want to promise the people of Kenya that we will never go back to the politics of ethnicity and personalities and politics that people are not in the centre,” he said.

“I want to assure you that we will work hard to make sure that our politics is focused on an agenda of developing Kenya.”

Other authorities, like Defence CS Aden Duale, praised the Kenya Kwanza government for delivering a united Kenya controlled by democracy, the rule of law, and constitutionalism.

He stated that they want to establish more equal possibilities and wealth for everyone, regardless of background, tribe, religion, or other affiliation.

“The President’s remarks perfectly describe our nation’s journey. Indeed, we have come a long way, gradually liberating our people from the constraints of tribalism and ethnicity,” Duale continued.

“Tribalism and Corruption is a threat to National security, creates political instability, economic underdevelopment, and poverty.”

CS Kindiki, Duale Praises Ruto For Calling Against Tribal Politics Terming Them ‘Barbaric’

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