June 24, 2024
Margaret Kenyatta's Beyond Zero Donates Essentials To Flood Victims In Mathare

Margaret Kenyatta’s Beyond Zero Donates Essentials To Flood Victims In Mathare

The Mathare Social Justice Centre hosted the event, during which beds, blankets, and sanitary towels were distributed to afflicted families, bringing much-needed aid to a town still recovering from the damage.

The Beyond Zero Initiative exhibited its constant dedication to humanitarian relief by donating critical supplies to victims of the recent heavy rains and floods in Mathare, Nairobi County.

The massive rains that hammered most of the country in recent weeks caused serious flooding, particularly in low-lying districts such as Mathare.

Aside from fatalities, the floods inflicted extensive damage to homes and infrastructure, displacing many locals and leaving them in desperate need of basic essentials.

In reaction to the catastrophe, the Initiative organized resources to assist flood victims.

During the donation event, Beyond Zero speakers emphasized the necessity of timely humanitarian response in the aftermath of natural disasters.

“We are here to offer our support to the residents of Mathare who have been severely impacted by the floods. It is our duty to ensure that they receive the basic items needed to restore some normalcy to their lives,” said Beatrice Koki.

The Mathare Social Justice Centre, recognized for its advocacy and community support operations, provided an ideal setting for this humanitarian event.

Volunteers from the centre helped with the distribution process, ensuring that the donated supplies reached the most disadvantaged people in the community. Residents expressed appreciation for the timely response.

“We lost almost everything in the floods. These mattresses and blankets will help us a lot as we try to rebuild our lives,” said Rose Kombo, a Mathare resident.

Another recipient, Emily Nyanjong, stressed the significance of sanitary towels, stating that they are sometimes forgotten in disaster aid but are critical for maintaining dignity and health.

Beyond Zero’s offering is more than just physical objects; it serves as a light of hope and solidarity.

By addressing immediate needs, the effort works to lessen the disaster’s impact, freeing up resources for long-term recovery and resilience building.

The former First Lady’s initiative has continually led the way in addressing Kenya’s many health and social concerns.

Margaret Kenyatta’s Beyond Zero Donates Essentials To Flood Victims In Mathare

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