June 24, 2024
Dilemma Hits 300K Flood Victims As The Gov't Shuts Down 200 Camps

Dilemma Hits 300K Flood Victims As The Gov’t Shuts Down 200 Camps

The government has begun the process of closing over 200 camps that house over 300,000 flood victims who moved in recent months.

The East Africa Community and ASAL’s Cabinet Secretary, Peninah Malonza, says two camps in Mai Mahiu, where over 60 people perished and 161 were displaced a month ago after a seasonal dam burst in the Old Kijabe district, are among those designated to close.

Malonza, who paid a visit to Mai Mahiu victims on Wednesday, donated 1,500 iron sheets to the displaced people, stating that the government will keep its pledge to resettle the victims on State-purchased land.

“There are 179 active camps in the country. Our ministry will resettle them and not just camps in Nakuru. We are planning a long-term resettlement plan,” she said.

She also stated that Mai Mahiu flood victims will be permitted to farm on their parcels of land during the dry season.

While confirming that 52 individuals throughout the country were missing after being washed away by flash floods, the CS assured affected families that a search effort by KDF and NYS officers would continue until all bodies were discovered.

“We will give psychological support and intensify. It is a need we need to address to resettle children in schools,” she said.

Religious leaders present urged the government to keep its promise to resettle the victims.

“We want the government to deliver the promises it made in regards to resettling and providing for the displaced persons,” Lucy Ngunjiri, founder of Beyond Boundaries, said.

“We need to come together as religious leaders and Kenyans to support our fellow citizens in any way that we can,” Sam Munga, another religious leader, said.

Flash floods have killed more than 300 people and affected over 300,000 residents in 32 counties.

Dilemma Hits 300K Flood Victims As The Gov’t Shuts Down 200 Camps

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