June 24, 2024
KRC Responds To The Viral Photos Of Students Sitting On Train Floors

KRC Responds To The Viral Photos Of Students Sitting On Train Floors

Following a public outcry, the Kenya Railways Corporation replied to viral photographs of students sitting on the floor while others stood on Sunday evening.

In a statement made on Monday, May 13, the business stated that it had received an overwhelming demand for passenger trains following the government’s announcement that schools will resume for the second term.

According to Kenya Railways, demand was particularly high on Sunday, May 12 and Monday, May 13, as kids returned to school after a prolonged hiatus caused by flooding.

The company stated that it was trying to ensure that all travellers were accommodated and that all students arrived safely at their respective destinations.

Furthermore, Kenya Railways stated that it had added additional coaches in both economy and first class to accommodate pupils who had booked prior to the postponement of school opening dates.

“However, the demand over the last two days has been overwhelming,” read part of the statement.

Kenya Railways announced on April 29 an extension of the validity of all student tickets purchased after the government postponed school resumption dates.

The organization announced that students will be able to utilize their tickets from May 6 to May 10.

However, after the direction that pupils return to school today, a number of Kenyans reported that kids were forced to remain on the commuter train floor for hours at night due to overbooking.

According to accounts circulating online, the students were aboard the 10 p.m. SGR train from Mombasa to Nairobi on Sunday.

Kenyans were upset, noting that the great distance made the students uncomfortable.

Following the government’s announcement of the revised reopening dates, some Kenyans criticized Kenya Railways for neglecting to reserve seats for students.

“They should have disabled bookings beforehand, and reserved the seats for the students who had booked earlier but missed to travel due to changes in school openings. The affected students must be compensated heavily,” one person commented. 

The corporation was instructed to take stronger precautions to avoid such a situation in the future.

KRC Responds To The Viral Photos Of Students Sitting On Train Floors

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