June 13, 2024
Malawi Gov't Has Convicted TikToker For Posting The President's Animated Video

Malawi Gov’t Has Convicted TikToker For Posting The President’s Animated Video

A Malawian man was convicted of insulting President Lazarus Chakwera after releasing a TikTok video with an animated character with Chakwera’s face superimposed on it performing some unusual dance moves.

A court convicted Sainani Nkhoma guilty on Thursday, alleging that he shared the video and derogatory comments against the president on a communal WhatsApp group.

Members of the group in the central town of Mponela denounced him to the ruling Malawi Congress Party, who arrested him on Tuesday night.

Judge Talakwanji Mndala stated that Nkhoma’s conduct was inappropriate.

Sentencing is planned for next week, but the court warned that the punishment may include a $3,500 fine or six years in prison.

𝗔ngry 𝗖itizens Stone Malawi Presidential Motorcade

This comes just three months after the ‘Christian’ claimed President was chased away by irate locals.

People united are unstoppable. And one individual can attest to this: Malawi’s President, Lazarus Chakwera. 

According to local media accounts, mourners in the Ndirande Township, near Blantyre, refused to allow Chakwera’s convoy to pass on January 19.

The president was on his way to Chileka International Airport to fly to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The obstruction reportedly resulted in a confrontation between security forces and the mob, with a few stones hurled at the convoy.

Three people were arrested, but Masauko Chamkakala, Malawi’s Director of Public Prosecutions, dismissed the charges on January 25. All three are now out of prison.

This incident has prompted questions regarding Chakwera’s popularity. The preacher-turned-politician took power in 2020 after ousting incumbent Peter Mutharika.

He was elected on a wave of goodwill that has since dissipated due to his failure to deliver on campaign pledges to eradicate corruption and nepotism while also revitalizing the economy.

Chakwera’s period in office has been marked by a number of economic and social issues, including growing unemployment and out-of-control inflation.

In November, the country’s currency was depreciated by 44%, skyrocketing commodity costs. 

Chakwera was elected president in 2020 after the country’s Constitutional Court ordered a historic rerun of the 2019 presidential election.

The incumbent president at the time, Peter Mutharika, was initially declared the winner of the election, but the court found evidence of serious violations.

Following his win, Chakwera said: “I’m so happy I could dance all night.”

Malawi Gov’t Has Convicted TikToker For Posting The President’s Animated Video

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