June 24, 2024
Lorry Crashes Matatu Along The Nakuru-Eldoret Highway Killing 5, Injuring 8

Lorry Crashes Matatu Along The Nakuru-Eldoret Highway Killing 5, Injuring 8

Five persons died and eight others were seriously injured in an early morning collision Saturday along the Eldoret-Nakuru Highway.

The sad tragedy occurred when a 14-seater matatu carrying passengers lost control and crashed with an incoming lorry headed to Nakuru.

The Kenya Red Cross Society confirmed the 3 a.m. accident and said it had despatched a rescue crew.

“A road traffic incident has been reported at Salgaa involving a trailer and a 14-seater matatu. Our first responders are en route to the scene,” the Kenya Red Cross announced.

The accident prompted a traffic jam on the already congested route, even as police and the Nakuru County emergency management team assisted in the rescue effort.

In the photographs that have since circulated online, the matatu was severely twisted, with glasses spilled across the road.

According to the Nakuru County Police Commander, four men and one woman have been confirmed deceased, with the injured being transferred to the Nakuru Referral Hospital.

Following the collision, the wreckage of the matatu was towed to the Salgaa Police Station to allow investigators to determine the reason for the tragedy.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the deceased were sent to the same hospital for identification.

The event occurred just a day after three persons were killed and four injured in a similar collision on the Ruaka-Ndenderu Highway in Kiambu County.

According to witnesses, the vehicle lost control and collided with multiple automobiles before rolling over pedestrians on the roadside.

Following the tragedy, a disaster management team was promptly summoned to the location to assist in rescuing people who had become trapped beneath the debris.

Residents near the scene of the tragic tragedy assisted with the rescue operations, as did police officers who arrived minutes later.

In videos obtained by AfricasNow, the lorry could be seen leaning on one of its sides as residents sought to free those trapped within.

Lorry Crashes Matatu Along The Nakuru-Eldoret Highway Killing 5, Injuring 8

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