June 13, 2024
NO WHATSAPP, NO SMARTPHONE: Governor Nassir's Mysterious Lifestyle Explained

NO WHATSAPP, NO SMARTPHONE: Governor Nassir’s Mysterious Lifestyle Explained

Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir confirmed on Monday, May 27, that he does not use any social media platforms, including WhatsApp. 

During an interview with Spice FM, Governor Nassir stated that this allowed him to focus on service delivery. 

According to the elected leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), social media sites put politicians at risk of being swayed by emotions.

“I have a reason I do not have social media on my phone. If I walk around with kabambe it wouldn’t make a difference to me because I do not even have WhatsApp,” he explained. 

The Governor stated that he had discussed staying away from social media with those close to him, including family.

“I have told this to my son that in leadership, you need to be strong enough to hold your emotions and make decisions that are not going to be based on emotions and based on results that are going to come out,” he explained.

Despite confessing to not using social media, Nassir has active and verified Facebook and X accounts. 

The Governor declined to say whether his communications team updated the personal pages.

Nassir was speaking at a time when he had banned muguka sales and distribution in Mombasa. 

He explained that banning the popular mild stimulant was a political risk he was willing to take. 

The ODM governor went on to say that, while some called it a unilateral decision, the majority of Mombasa politicians supported the ban. 

Nassir stated that the Mombasa County Assembly had unanimously supported the ban and that he had the support of all Members of Parliament except one. 

Aside from Mombasa, the coastal counties of Taita Taveta and Kilifi have banned the stimulant, and Kwale has increased levies on the product.

NO WHATSAPP, NO SMARTPHONE: Governor Nassir’s Mysterious Lifestyle Explained

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