June 13, 2024
South Sudan's Kiir Hits At The US And EU For Meddling In The Ruto-Led Peace Talks

South Sudan’s Kiir Hits At The US And EU For Meddling In The Ruto-Led Peace Talks

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir accused the United States and Europe of meddling in his country’s affairs on Monday, claiming that no elections would be held at the end of 2024. 

Speaking at a Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) rally, President Kiir stated that this was contrary to the objectives of President William Ruto’s Nairobi peace process. 

He urged Western powers and local rebel leaders to allow Ruto to mediate the process and ensure peace and stability.

Salva Kiir further criticized the US and Europe for what he described as a misguided campaign that would plunge South Sudan into chaos and anarchy after the 2024 elections.

“Some people in America and Europe said that a statement of SPLM must be prevented. Because if they go for elections, people will fight. Who is going to fight here among you?” he asked his supporters.

“Some people said if the election is allowed to go on, many people will die. South Sudanese will fight.  I must assure you that nobody will fight.”

The President urged holdout groups to give Ruto’s peace process a chance, saying it was exactly what the country needed.

Showing his approval of the Ruto-led talks, he told the nation, “I am calling upon our brothers and sisters in the holdout groups to embrace the Tumaini Initiative under the leadership of Kenyan President William Ruto to dialogue with us to reach an amicable solution.”

He accused some of the rebel groups of being used by outside forces to destabilize the exercise. 

At the same time, South Sudan’s opposition party, the United Democratic Revolutionary Movement (UDRM), proposed a power-sharing agreement to end years of civil war.

UDRM, a member of the Tumaini Initiative, proposed a three-tiered system for the executive and legislature. 

According to UDRM, three political parties or coalitions would form a power-sharing agreement in both the federal government and parliament.

South Sudan’s Kiir Hits At The US And EU For Meddling In The Ruto-Led Peace Talks

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