June 13, 2024
Madaraka Day Preparations Used Ksh 946M As Gov't Defends Forefathers Dreams

Madaraka Day Preparations Used Ksh 946M As Gov’t Defends Forefathers Dreams

The government spent Ksh946 million preparing for the 61st Madaraka Day celebrations in Bungoma County, which are scheduled for June 1.

In a statement, Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura stated that the millions were utilized to restore and prepare essential facilities, such as the Masinde Muliro Stadium, for the event.

According to Mwaura, the majority of the monies were utilized to complete the stadium’s first phase, which has a seating capacity of 40,000.

“The government is also committed to enhancing infrastructure and social services in the region. The completion of Phase I of the Masinde Muliro project in Kanduyi Sub-county, costing Ksh807 million,” read the statement in part.

On the other side, the government spent Ksh139 million to facilitate the building of Matulo Airstrip.

Mwaura stated that the majority of the work comprised the renovation of the airstrip, which would be used for commercial flights once it is officially launched.

“Phase II of the Masinde Muliro project, covering terraces, perimeter fence, and access passes, is nearly complete at an additional cost of Ksh790 million.

“Educational investments, such as the construction of an Engineering and TVET Complex at Masinde Muliro University, reflect the government’s dedication to improving access to quality education,” Mwaura added.

Bungoma County will host the 2024 Madaraka Day events. President William Ruto will lead the event.

The event will be oriented around agriculture, with Ruto expecting to launch a number of projects in the sector, led by CS Mithika Linturi.

“As we celebrate Madaraka Day, we honour our forefathers’ dreams and commit to a future of continued prosperity,” he stated.

“President Ruto will highlight the key milestones in regards to agriculture and food security and give our vision for the future as per the BETA agenda as enshrined in Medium Term Plan 4. Recently, our economy has grown and the GDP growth is strongly attributed to a rebound in the agricultural sector,” he added.

Madaraka Day Preparations Used Ksh 946M As Gov’t Defends Forefathers Dreams

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