June 13, 2024
4 Kenyan Construction Workers Killed By Al-Shabaab Militants

4 Kenyan Construction Workers Killed By Al-Shabaab Militants

On Saturday at noon, gunmen suspected of being Al-Shabaab militants ambushed and fatally shot four Kenyan construction workers.

According to police, the four were part of a group working on a hospital construction site near the Dadaab refugee camp.

The site is near the Kenya-Somalia border, where the Al-Shabaab terrorist group operates frequently.

The eight workers were resting when armed men opened fire from close range, killing four of them.

During the incident, the remaining workers escaped unharmed.

According to reports, the terror group may have staged the attack after the contractor failed to answer their initial call to halt the construction.

Al-Shabaab’s recent attacks have prompted the government to postpone plans to reopen the 700-kilometer Kenya-Somalia border.

Following the tragedy, the Interior Ministry moved quickly to increase security in the area.

The incident occurred just two days after police officers in Mandera recovered explosive devices that were about to detonate.

In a similar incident on March 29, six Kenyan businessmen were killed by militia in Dhobley, a border town between Kenya and Somalia.

While confirming the incident, police traced the attack on the six Meru businessmen to Al-Shabaab terrorists.

According to Liboi Deputy County Commissioner Ali Manduku, the terrorists used violence to assert their dominance in the border town.

4 Kenyan Construction Workers Killed By Al-Shabaab Militants

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