June 24, 2024
Murang'a Leaders Ready To Defend Gachagua's Mt Kenya Unity Call

Murang’a Leaders Ready To Defend Gachagua’s Mt Kenya Unity Call

Some Murang’a leaders have thrown their support behind Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s efforts to unite the Mt Kenya region.

The leaders were Maragua MP Mary Waithera and five MCAs. Waithera claimed that the anti-Gachagua narrative is being driven by forces opposed to the Mt. Kenya region’s unity.

The second-term MP, who spoke in her constituency on Saturday, stated that all politics begin at the village level and questioned why some are opposed to efforts to unify the region.

“We are in a bottom-up government. All things in our government start from the village level before going up and everybody comes from a village. What wrong has Gachagua done by trying to solidify his backyard?” Waithera wondered.

According to her, local leaders who oppose regional unity are either confused or have been ‘fed’ enough, resulting in indigestion.

“Those accusing Gachagua of being a villager just for discussing issues pertaining to his region should be investigated because they could have been paid to do so,” she said.

The MP stated that the forces fueling conflict in the region are afraid of its unity because of its large voter base and want to destabilize it, urging Gachagua to continue his efforts to bring residents together.

Waithera also wondered why only calls for unity in the Mt Kenya region are labeled tribal, whereas other regions freely summon leaders to stand together.

She cited the coastal region, which she claimed banded together to fight Muguka.

She also criticized Speaker Moses Wetangula, who met with MPs and MCAs from Western this week to discuss unity and development.

“Who accused him of being tribal? We have no apology for being members of the Mt. Kenya community and if there’s another issue behind the attacks on Gachagua, let us be told,” she said, adding that the country cannot be united if unity does not start from the village level.

Murang’a Leaders Ready To Defend Gachagua’s Mt Kenya Unity Call

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