June 13, 2024
"Empowering The Hustlers," - US Ambassador Whitman With Praise Of Ruto's Presidency

Empowering The Hustlers,” – US Ambassador Whitman With Praise Of Ruto’s Presidency

US Ambassador Meg Whitman praised President William Ruto on Tuesday for his leadership on Finance Bill 2024 and hustler empowerment.

Whitman, in an interview with Capital FM, praised the government’s efforts to promote public participation.

She praised the administration for its brave handling of the economic environment, which has affected not only Kenya but the entire world.

“The financial situation facing the country is quite difficult as you well know and the international financial institutions loans IMF (International Monetary Fund) and World Bank have restrictions around the increase in revenue collection,” she explained.

“That is balanced by growing the economy and how to keep taxes at a minimum and I know that the Finance minister and the President are trying to balance those various pressures.”

She also mentioned that projects like the Hustler Fund, which the Head of State has led, are empowering entrepreneurs who are achieving financial independence and growing the economy.

“What I really admire about Kenya is the notion of public participation. When a Finance Bill comes out, there is a real engagement by the public, businesses and government. I have confidence that Kenya will come to the best answer possible which is not an easy one. Empowering the hustlers,” she added.

“My view is that President William Ruto is doing the best job that he can do in the current very difficult economic situation that is not unique to Kenya but he is navigating it.”

The Parliamentary Finance Committee closed the public participation exercise for the Finance Bill 2024 yesterday at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre.

The budget is expected to be presented to Parliament tomorrow.

Since the bill was made public a few weeks ago, Kenyans have expressed concern about the government’s plans to introduce and increase a slew of taxes.

The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) believes that the high cost of doing business will drive up commodity prices.

For example, KAM revealed that if the bill is passed as written, the price of cooking oil will rise by 80%, putting pressure on other basic products such as bread and oil.

Kenyan company CEOs recently predicted an increase in job cuts, while the sector believes foreign investors will consider leaving.

Empowering The Hustlers,” – US Ambassador Whitman With Praise Of Ruto’s Presidency

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