June 24, 2024
DRC-Kenya Tensions Affect Consulate Housing Along Karura Avenue

DRC-Kenya Tensions Affect Consulate Housing Along Karura Avenue

Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Korir Sing’oei has denied reports that Kenya shut off electricity to the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Embassy due to a dispute.

In reaction to internet reports posted on social media, Sing’oei described them as untrue.

He also asked the public to disregard the information being spread by certain bloggers.

“Unfounded, baseless, and idle chatter,” the PS responded.

According to reports circulated online, the government turned off the energy to the DRC embassy after the foreign nation recalled its ambassador.

This came after Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo clashed over a contentious press briefing given by DRC opposition leaders about President Felix Tshisekedi’s administration.

“A few days ago there was a diplomatic disagreement between Kenya and DRC. In response, Kenya allegedly cut off the electricity supply to the embassy in Nairobi and removed the tarmac from the road leading to the embassy.

“This embassy is located on Karura Avenue in Muthaiga, near the Belgium embassy,” one of the online reports read in part.

Kenya and DRC have had a tense relationship in recent months. Notably, barely a week ago, the Prime Cabinet Secretary flew to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to negotiate with Tshisekedi’s government officials.

It was noted that the negotiations focused on reinstating bilateral corporations between the two countries.

During his visit, Mudavadi conveyed a special message from President William Ruto to Tshisekedi.

“Additionally, the Prime Cabinet Secretary engaged in constructive discussions with H.E. Christophe Lutundula Apala Pen Apala, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Democratic Republic of Congo, focusing on various issues of mutual interest.

“These bilateral discussions took place in a friendly and cordial atmosphere, resulting in the establishment of three key agreements aimed at strengthening cooperation between Kenya and the DRC,” read the statement in part.

DRC-Kenya Tensions Affect Consulate Housing Along Karura Avenue

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