June 24, 2024
Haiti Nationals Hold Demonstrations In The United States Outside Kenya Embassy

Haiti Nationals Hold Demonstrations In The United States Outside Kenya Embassy

On Thursday, a group of Haitians living in the United States demonstrated outside Kenya’s embassy

Haitians criticized President William Ruto’s intention to send a thousand troops to the war-torn country to serve as peacekeepers. 

The Caribbeans were pictured waving placards with written messages to Kenya’s president, demanding that Ruto cancel his scheduled deployment to Haiti. 

While marching outside the Kenyan embassy in the United States, demonstrators could be heard chanting President Ruto’s name and demanding that he reconsider the decision to deploy Kenyan troops to Haiti. 

The protestors accused the US administration of inciting gang violence in Haiti and said it was ridiculous that America would also finance a peacekeeping mission in the war-torn country.

“What Ruto is about to do is to invade Haiti. Haitians say no to occupation,” the protestors said as they vented their frustration on the imminent deployment.

The protests occurred just minutes after President Ruto and US President Joe Biden held a joint press conference to reaffirm their commitment to reducing violence in Haiti.

Ruto, speaking about the deployment, stated that the mission was approved by Kenyans, not the US and that Kenya was prepared to protect Haitians from gang violence.

“Kenya’s participation in Haiti is not about what happened in the past. The USA cannot commit Kenya to Haiti. It is we, the people of Kenya who made this decision,” Ruto stated.

“I am the President of Kenya and it is me who made the decision. It is the role of the people of Kenya to commit their troops using their structure, we have gone through all the processes in Kenya,” he added.

Joe Biden, in issuing clarification on the deployment, emphasized that the US could not be actively involved in the mission because it could have been misunderstood, but it encouraged Kenya to assist end the violence in the Caribbean nation.

“We concluded that if the US deploys its forces to the northern hemisphere, it raises all kinds of questions that can be easily misrepresented by what is happening in Haiti,” Biden clarified.

Haiti Nationals Hold Demonstrations In The United States Outside Kenya Embassy

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