June 13, 2024
Nairobi County Publishes Landlords With Unpaid Rates As Auctioneers Circulate

Nairobi County Publishes Landlords With Unpaid Rates As Auctioneers Circulate

The county administration is considering auctioning off the properties of over 200,000 Nairobi landlords. 

This comes after it was revealed that only 50,000 of the total 250,000 landlords paid their annual land rates to the county. 

As a result, the county faces reduced revenue from land charges and intends to auction homes whose landlords have failed to pay them. 

“If land owners were to comply, the county would generate over Ksh30 billion annually but because of defaulting, we normally give ourselves a target of Ksh7 billion from those willing to pay the land rates out of the waiver,” explained Nairobi’s Chief Officer for Revenue Administration Wilson Gakuya.

He noted that outstanding arrears have imposed significant financial limits on the county government’s ability to complete its projects. 

As of now, the county has raised Ksh3 billion from land rates in the current fiscal year, with a Ksh7 billion objective to be met by the conclusion of the 2023/24 fiscal year. 

The monies are intended to meet the overall revenue target of Ksh19.99 billion for the current fiscal year. 

Gakuya added that enforcement action will be taken against those who defaulted beyond the waiver period, which runs from May 20, 2024, to June 20, 2024. 

“We can also advise clients or tenants to pay their rent to the county government other than the landlords until the county recovers its dues,” he noted.

Gakuya ascribed the failure to pay the land taxes to long-running court cases and, in other cases, landlords purchasing the land and abandoning it, seeing no need to submit the payments to the county.

How Can Landlords Check The Defaulting List?

To access the Nairobi County government website, visit nairobi.go.ke/notice-to-rate-defaulters-of-the-nairobi-city-county/.

Click on the notice sent by Patrick Analo, County Secretary and Head of the County Public Service. 

At the end of the notice, you will find two lists of land rate defaulters: those who had received their invoices and those whose properties had not yet been billed.

The county listed the land reference number and total outstanding arrears for properties that had not been billed.

The county government also issued a 400-page document for Nairobi landowners who had received invoices and the amount billed.

To find out your status, click either link and trace the reference number.

Those who have paid their land rates but remained on the list were urged to disregard the notice.

Nairobi County Publishes Landlords With Unpaid Rates As Auctioneers Circulate

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