June 13, 2024
Gachagua Insists His Relationship With Ruto Is Still Intact

Gachagua Insists His Relationship With Ruto Is Still Intact

On Sunday, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua disputed that his relationship with President William Ruto had deteriorated, assuring parishioners in Uasin Gishu that their connection is fine.

Gachagua sought to downplay allegations that he had a falling out with Ruto, arguing that the president had assigned him a lot of work and that the Kenya Kwanza government was in good standing.

“The president and I are working together amicably, we love and respect each other and are doing our work perfectly. He has assigned me lots of duties, some are overwhelming and he has facilitated me to continue with my work. So our government is united and we are working,” Gachagua said. 

He went on to urge the communities in Uasing Gishu County to continue living in harmony.

His comments came a day after he alleged Ruto-allied leaders are fostering division between him and the president.

An enraged Gachagua warned that he would not tolerate a faction of the president’s allies jeopardizing his relationship with his boss and that they should also stop from participating in the political affairs of the Mt. Kenya region.

“The problem is a few leaders here from this region who have proximity to the President ndio wanakoroga siasa ya huko kwetu kudanganya watu eti waaanze kupanga mambo ya 2032,” he said.

Gachagua said President Ruto’s opponents are now proud, and he reminded them to remember how the Mt. Kenya area supported President Ruto’s presidential campaign.

“The few people here wamefura wamekuwa na kiburi nyingi, wanafikiria ati sasa wamefika wanaweza kuja huko eti wapange viongozi wa mlima, ata sisi hatutakuja kuwapangia siasa yenu, lazima tuheshimiane,” he added.

The DP also advised the unnamed Rift Valley leaders to avoid Central region politics, stating that the country should not be subjected to early politicking.

“Msijaribu kutupangia siasa ya mlima Kenya na uongozi wa mlima Kenya. Pangeni siasa zenu na uongozi wenu. Siku William Ruto atastaafu after 10 years, hatutaingililia vile mnataka kupanga, mtajipangia wenyewe. Siasa ya huko kwetu hamuwezani nayo, ni ngumu sana,” Gachagua noted.

Gachagua Insists His Relationship With Ruto Is Still Intact

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