June 24, 2024
Oscar Sudi Criticized For Attacking DP Gachagua By UDA

Oscar Sudi Criticized For Attacking DP Gachagua By UDA

Hillary Barchok, the governor of Bomet, has responded to Ruto’s ally Oscar Sudi’s remarks about Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

On Monday, Barchok warned Sudi against getting into public spats with the deputy president because it is rude.

“We are not going to allow a few people to bring shame to our government. DP Gachagua must be respected. If there is something he (deputy president) has said that you do not agree with, there is a respectable way to address the same,” Barchok stated.

Furthermore, Barchok advised legislators from the Rift Valley who are part of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance to strengthen ties with their counterparts on Mount Kenya.

Barchok contended that the Deputy President was instrumental in promoting Ruto’s candidacy in 2022 and thus deserves respect.

The Governor was reacting to Oscar Sudi’s remarks about Gachagua, in which he stated that the DP cannot threaten him.

Sudi informed Gachagua on Sunday that he was free to travel beyond of his constituencies to assist his party’s leader (President Ruto).

“Everyone contributed to the Kenya Kwanza Government. Let’s respect each other. We ask the President and his deputy to respect us. We can’t allow them to come and harass small leaders,” Sudi said.

His answer was spurred by Gachagua’s remarks on Saturday, in which the Deputy President accused Ruto’s allies of indulging in succession politics. 

“There are politicians from Rift Valley who have partnered with others in the Mt Kenya region and have decided to plan 2027 politics now. Why do you want to succeed the president while he is still alive?” Gachagua posed.

Barchok’s comments have shown a widening schism within President William Ruto’s party. It is also reported that Gachagua and Ruto are not on good terms politically.

However, the Deputy President has repeatedly denied any fallout between him and the President.

Oscar Sudi Criticized For Attacking DP Gachagua By UDA

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