June 13, 2024
Busia Senator Omtatah Demands Kenya's Deal Agreements With USA Made Public

Busia Senator Omtatah Demands Kenya’s Deal Agreements With USA Made Public

One week after President William Ruto finished his State Visit to the United States of America, Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah asked him to make public the agreements he made with the host country.

Omtatah has accused Ruto of forging private deals with another country without obeying the law.

Speaking in Busia, Omtatah stated that the law prohibits the president from signing a pact without the involvement of parliament.

“What is informing of these contracts and where do you get the capacity to commit to the treaties without going through the people of Kenya?” Omtatah asked.

He continued: “The constitution is very clear, any treaty must be a treaty between Kenya and a third party. There is nowhere in our laws where an individual can make a treaty with another country, and when you make this treaty, we want it to go through the national assembly.”

Omtatah also questioned the president’s business dealings with ‘his pals’ in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who offered him a private jet to fly to the United States.

“Ruto has told us that he was paid for a plane by Arabs, which business is he doing with them? Why pay for him the plane?” he posed.

On the disputed 2024 Finance Bill, the senator warned the president against overtaxing Kenyans, stating that he would challenge it in court.

“You cannot go on increasing taxes and you are not telling us what you are doing with it. You must clearly outline what you are going to do with those taxes. We are not going to allow you to steal from Kenyans through taxes,” said the Busia legislator.

Busia Senator Omtatah Demands Kenya’s Deal Agreements With USA Made Public

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