June 24, 2024
DP Gachagua Calls Out Those Against His Apology Spree

DP Gachagua Calls Out Those Against His Apology Spree

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has stated that leaders should have no difficulty with him forgiving those who have offended him in the past.

Gachagua stated that he entered office in 2022 as a “very bitter” person who had been wronged.

“I Rigathi Gachagua was badly wounded before the elections, I was humiliated and persecuted. I came into office a very bitter person. But my wife prayed for me and within one year, all the bitterness was gone and I was a healed person,” he told a congregation in Meru County.

The DP stated that he has subsequently forgiven anyone who may have offended him and sought forgiveness from those he has hurt.

“I do not know why anybody would have a problem if I forgive my brother, my sister,” Gachagua stated.

In March, the DP apologized to former President Uhuru’s mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, for the rift that happened in 2022.

Gachagua apologized for his disrespectful behavior toward Mama Ngina during the heightened political activities around the last general election.

The DP promised to seek to create peace and heal the wounds of past political battles, emphasizing the importance of respect for elders.

In May, he signaled a readiness to collaborate with the former President.

The DP stated that the election time was over and that they should work together to help Kenyans.

Gachagua stated that by combining, they will enhance the region and the country.

“Uhuru Kenyatta is our son, he should come so that we unite, is that okay? Do you have a problem with him? The election period is over,” he told a rally in Kirinyaga.

Over the weekend, Gachagua urged all leaders to embrace forgiveness, citing biblical teachings.

“Is there anything wrong with us forgiving one another? That is what practising Christians should do,” he added.

He urged MPs and MCAs in Meru to forgive Governor Kawira Mwangaza if she had offended them.

“Similarly, Kawira, if MPs and MCAs wronged you, just remember that you are the mother of this country, forgive them so that we can be able to move forward,” he said.

The DP went on to say that leaders should learn to forgive one another because politics is just temporary.

DP Gachagua Calls Out Those Against His Apology Spree

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