June 24, 2024
Businessman In Despair Bank Account Wiped Clean By Police Officer

Businessman In Despair Bank Account Wiped Clean By Police Officer

A Kericho County police officer was arrested on Friday, May 17, for allegedly being involved in the disappearance of millions of dollars from a businessman’s bank account.

According to a report obtained by AfricasNow, the victim said that he received a phone call from someone claiming to be a bank customer service representative and attempted to do an online system upgrade.

The caller asked the businessman to push a few digits on his phone to finish the system upgrade, which he agreed to.

Minutes later, the victim was surprised to see that his account had been wiped clean and the monies had been transferred to numerous bank accounts.

The businessman said that he has Ksh1.5 million saved in his account after running multiple enterprises.

He filed a report with the Kericho Police Station, asking investigators to locate the missing cash.

The detectives traced some of the cash to an account owned by a Cheptalal Police Station officer who received Ksh489,788.

Having identified him as a person of interest, the detectives chased and tracked him down to his apartment.

He was arrested and charged with stealing in violation of Penal Code Sections 268 (1) and 275.

“Any person who steals anything capable of being stolen is guilty of the felony termed theft and is liable, unless owing to the circumstances of the theft or the nature of the thing stolen some other punishment is provided, to imprisonment for three years,” read part of the Penal Code.

The authorities investigating the case will try to determine whether the cop was an accomplice to the crime or a scammer. 

The event underscores a trend of Kenyans losing millions to tech-savvy scammers whose cunning appears to be increasing.

The tendency of phony advertisements, fraudulent SMSs, fake international calls, bogus crises, and credential harvesting has continued to develop, as has SIM switch fraud and impersonation.

According to TransUnion’s 2023 State of Omnichannel Fraud Report, the rate of fraud attempts in Kenya’s financial services sector has climbed by 309% over the last three years.

To alleviate the crisis, the Communications Authority of Kenya issued measures to combat fraudulent instances, including a Ksh100,000 fine or a 12-month jail sentence for Kenyans who use unregistered SIM cards. 

Businessman In Despair Bank Account Wiped Clean By Police Officer

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