June 24, 2024
ODM MP Hits Out At His Kenya Kwanza Counterparts Over Incessant Compains On The Finance Bill

ODM MP Hits Out At His Kenya Kwanza Counterparts Over Incessant Compains On The Finance Bill

Kenya Kwanza MPs have been asked to stop complaining at funerals and instead join their opposition Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition counterparts in voting against the Finance Bill, 2024.

National Assembly Minority Leader James Opiyo Wandayi has said that Kenya Kwanza MPs who claim to oppose the Finance Bill, 2024, should demonstrate this by voting against it in parliament.

He stated that the hour of reckoning is approaching and that such MPs will be expected to vote against it in broad daylight, noting that the time to stand with Kenyans has arrived.

“Those who have been speaking in funerals and claiming to oppose the Finance Bill, the hour of reckoning is coming. We want to see you in broad daylight in Parliament when the voting time comes. The time to stand for Kenyans is now, not tomorrow. If surely you stand with Kenyans, come out and vote with us,” he said.

Wandayi, speaking in his Ugunja constituency on Tuesday, stated that their position as the opposition is very clear that they can only support the Bill if its punitive taxes are expunged.

The lawmaker stated that they are waiting for the Finance Committee’s report to see if the punitive tax recommendations have been removed and if not, they will vote against the Bill.

“Our position is clear; if they come to Parliament next week and say that they have listened to Kenyans and have removed the punitive taxes, we shall talk,” he stated.

The legislator also mocked President William Ruto’s practice of issuing roadside declarations regarding development projects.

Wandayi lamented that this is why Ruto’s administration lusts for money, as evidenced by the tax burden imposed on Kenyan citizens.

Wandayi complained that the Kenya Kwanza government has a tendency to make false promises to Kenyans, so he challenged President Ruto and his administration to learn to live within their means.

“There are so many promises being given left, right and centre without the requisite funding to see them through. That is the problem we have even in this county,” he said.

“Why continue to overburden Kenyans with taxes on account of projects you cannot fund? Just live within your means.”

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